Chesslike Official Web Release Trailer


The Labrynth - Ark Mod

Ark: Survival Evolved modded map using the Unreal Engine. Built for Ark International Modding competition.

Chesslike: Adventures in Chess

HTML/JS game built for HTML5 wrappers and destined for the App Stores. An adventurous twist on a timeless classic.

Pygame Space Tech Demo

First time using Python. Desctructible modular armor/weapons system.

Javascript RTS Tech Demo

Start to a Warcraft clone with randomly generated forests. HTML5 Canvas JS

AS3 Side Scroller

Flash game built to explore mechanics similar to one of my favorite games, Castel Crashers. AS3

Javascript Space shooter

This was one of my first tech demos in Javascript.
HTML JS (No Canvas)

Zonk Book

Zonkbook is a score keeping social network dedicated to a personalized dice game. Drupal, PHP


Educational games built with direction from Ohio School Curriculums. 1200 copies shipped. Flash AS3, AS2, XML


Tarantula On Stilts

Website for Dread & Hair Bauhaus. HTML5 Splash Animation and CSS consulting.


Replace images on any website with images of your favorite guy, Mike Madavi. Test the button, and copy the code to use as a bookmarklet anytime. Just something fun.

Dog Blog USA

Hosted Wordpress Blog detailing a cross-country dog walk organized by two good friends.

32 or 64 bit CPU?

Project site to build a place for users to easy be told if their CPU and/or OS are 32 or 64 bit. WIP